Threads: A new chapter in the book of social media marketing

Threads marketing

January 31, 2024

Meta’s latest creation, Threads, has recently made its way into the Bulgarian social media realm, causing a stir amongst both users and marketers. As a promising tool within the ever-evolving landscape of digital communications, this new platform holds numerous opportunities for brand development and consumer engagement. If you’ve got your eye on adding Threads to your collection of marketing tools, but are not quite sure how and where to begin, you’ve come to the right place. Join us for a quick ride across all the features and benefits of this exciting new addition to Meta’s digital family.

Introducing Threads: the new social media platform on the horizon

Already known by many as Twitter’s on-the-rise rival, Threads is a text-based app created to engage users in online discussions around a wide range of topics. The platform is designed to provide a seamless integration with Instagram, and can therefore be accessed only with an existing Instagram username. However, the Threads user experience greatly differs from that of an image-based platform.

The digital scene available for users of apps such as Facebook, Instagram or TikTok is dominated by the concept of accumulating an expansive follower base and sharing content with a wide circle of viewers. In contrast, Threads seems to be designed with a more intimate form of communication and user engagement in mind. Whilst Threads users are free to share visual content like photo or video materials, the platform remains text-focused, which encourages engagement in ongoing discussions and fosters a more authentic form of digital interaction.

In an interview with Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram shared that Meta’s expectations regarding the number of Threads users within the first few months following its launch, are in the millions. Whilst recognizing Twitter as a “pioneer” of the digital space for public conversations, Mosseri highlighted some of the benefits that set Threads apart as a promising contender to Elon Musks’ platform:

  • Instagram integration: Other than enabling the effortless creation of your account, this feature of Meta’s new platform allows you to engage with people and accounts you’ve already expressed an interest in.
  • Heavy on the UX: Threads offers an easy-to-navigate feed and has introduced some features that improve the overall user experience. Such is the opportunity to compile a “hidden words” list, which prevents anything you put on there from making its way onto your screen. This feature is part of Meta’s vision of Threads as a less “volatile” alternative to Twitter.
  • More room for your thoughts: With an increased 500-character restriction on posts (in comparison to Elon Musks’ platform) and no ads cluttering Threads’ digital terrain, Meta’s app appears to be entirely tailored to the interests of its users. This allows for a more authentic form of expression and certainly, a more engaging overall experience with the platform.

How businesses are using Threads to their competitive advantage

The emphasis Threads puts on the establishment of digital communities and encouragement of open discussions creates an amazing opportunity for business recognition and growth. Many major companies have already implemented Threads into their marketing strategies. Wendy’s, for instance, has established a reputation as one of the most prolific brand voices on the platform by focusing on humorous posting and amassing a large following within a short period of time. Different, but just as effective, is National Geographic’s strategy. The magazine has increased user engagement by provoking interactions with their distinctive photography by asking their followers to come up with caption ideas or join relevant discussions. Regardless of their approach, most companies on Threads are looking to benefit from the platform’s key advantages, some of which we have listed for you below.

Establishing a brand identity

The importance of crafting a cohesive brand identity cannot be overstressed in the field of digital marketing. It is what makes your business relatable and relevant to your consumer base. Other than increasing visibility of your products or services, your brand personality boosts customer loyalty and makes you stand out amongst your competitors.

Understanding your audiences

Through the utilisation of Threads’ structured discussion format, you can obtain a massive amount of information regarding your customers’ experience with your brand. Moreover, you can dictate the direction of the conversation by posting engaging content that inspires debates amongst your audience. Understanding the needs of your existing and potential consumers is the first pivotal step towards providing an in-demand service and maintaining it in a way that preserves its relevance as customer experience shifts over time.

Cultivating a digital community

Inspiring online user engagement with your brand is also a great way to establish a loyal cheerleading team for your business. A close-knit digital community not only increases customer loyalty, but also appeals to users outside of your existing consumer base. It positions your brand as a credible digital space for the inception of meaningful connections, which essentially increases your reach.

So, what are some strategic ways to leverage Threads’ features to your brand’s advantage? Let’s find out.

Marketing on Threads: good practices and useful tips

The type of content you choose to post on Meta’s newest platform is heavily dependent on your main business goal. Successfully utilising Threads to your brand’s advantage requires a good understanding of current marketing trends, target demographics and other factors that might play a role in the effectiveness of this platform for your business. We’ve compiled some ideas to help you navigate this new digital space in a way that is tailored to your online presence and – most importantly – your business objective. So, if you’re trying to:

  • Increase brand awareness: Focus on informative content to familiarise your audience with the product you’re selling and the best ways to integrate it into your consumer’s day-to-day. For instance, you can use Threads to highlight product features or publish industry insights and how-to guides with aesthetic visuals that underline your brand’s unique appeal.
  • Shorten the distance: Engage your online community by showcasing the humorous, down-to-earth aspects of your brand personality. Take full advantage of Gen-Z’s obsession with meme culture, post GIFs and behind-the-scenes content to show your audience that your product is created for people by people.
  • Build brand credibility: Shine light on your business’ success stories. Share case studies, customer testimonials and touching real-life examples of how the product you’re selling has brought value to your existing consumer base.
  • Improve customer experience: Provoke your audience to engage in discussions about your product and share what works for them and what could use further optimisation. Host Q&A sessions and ask simple questions to better navigate the conversation. This content strategy will also equip you with the necessary tools to better predict consumer demand for your business.

Similarly to other digital platforms, Threads holds an enormous amount of opportunities for brand development and provides plenty of room for creativity and experiment. Don’t miss out on this chance to make a lasting impact on your audience and obtain a deeper understanding of what makes them tick. If you need more guidance on how to implement Threads in your current marketing strategy, shoot us a message – our team of seasoned marketing experts is always ready to do all the heavy lifting for you!

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