Case Study


Do we help larger businesses with their marketing efforts, too? Absolutely! A case in point is our work with 111SKIN. 


Industry: Luxury Cosmetics
Date: April 2022

This is an internationally renowned brand famous for its high-quality cosmetic products. We’ve collaborated with 111SKIN since their launch on local territory in Bulgaria.

The case

What makes this client’s needs unique is the fact that they are a licensed, exclusive local distributor for the parent brand. This necessarily means that there are strict requirements for following the brand guidelines and its global marketing strategy. We ensure all policies regarding the online and offline activities of the brand in Bulgaria strictly follow the instructions provided by the HQ in London but are also adapted to the local market.

Our Work

Due to the continuous communication with 111SKIN’s central marketing team in London, we provide superb daily marketing support for their local retailers. We do this by managing and monitoring the brand’s local presence and penetration levels, and also by coordinating influencer collaborations for maximum effect.

“Working hand in hand with the exceptional team at Interval, 111SKIN has achieved outstanding success in the Bulgarian market, surpassing many West European countries. “

Gergana Teneva

Sales Director, 111SKIN

Social Media Management

We handle 111SKIN’s social media accounts, ensuring consistent brand messaging, engaging content, and timely responses to customer inquiries.


Influencer Marketing

We collaborate with relevant influencers and beauty experts to promote 111SKIN’s products and increase brand awareness among the target audience.


Social Media Advertising

We design and execute targeted social media ad campaigns to reach and engage the Bulgarian market, maximizing brand exposure and driving conversions.


Marketing Strategy

We develop a comprehensive marketing strategy tailored to 111SKIN’s goals and brand guidelines, ensuring cohesive and effective marketing efforts across all channels.


The Conclusion

At our agency, we take pride in delivering exceptional results for our clients, and 111SKIN is no exception. By combining our expertise in social media management, advertising, influencer marketing, and strategic planning, we’ve been able to help 111SKIN establish a strong presence in the Bulgarian market and drive significant growth for their business.

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