Case Study

The Curious Case

of Marina Hospice

A full marketing service from the ground up or how we helped one amazing business establish a high-quality brand presence.


Industry: Palliative Care Services
Date: March 2020

Marina Hospice is a hospice service provider that offers a range of end-of-life care services to patients and their families.


The primary challenge was to create a brand that would stand out in a competitive market. Hospice services are a sensitive topic, and people are often hesitant to discuss it. Further, the need and demand for such services cannot be planned in advance. Therefore, our team had to create a strategy that would not only help Marina Hospice build a brand but also establish a connection with potential clients.

“Thanks to Interval’s invaluable efforts, we now have a strong online presence, a loyal following on social media, and a steady stream of new clients. Their marketing consultancy services have been invaluable in helping us make informed decisions about our business and achieve our growth targets.”

Neli Marinova

CEO, Marina Hospice


Our team started by developing a website that was easy to navigate and provided all the necessary information about the services provided by Marina Hospice. We created a social media presence on  Facebook, where we could share relevant content and connect with potential clients.

We launched a robust social media advertising campaign to promote Marina Hospice’s services and reach out to potential clients.


We targeted people who were searching for hospice care services in the area and created ads that would resonate with them. We also created social media content that highlighted the benefits of hospice care and addressed common concerns that people have about hospice services.

We provided marketing consultancy services to Marina Hospice and helped them create a marketing plan that aligned with their business goals. We monitored the results of our campaigns closely and made adjustments as needed to ensure that we were reaching the right audience.

The Results

Our efforts paid off, and Marina Hospice saw significant growth in their business. They now have a strong online presence, and their website receives hundreds of visitors each month. They have built a community of loyal followers on social media, and their advertising campaigns have been successful in reaching out to potential clients.

The Conclusion

Working with Marina Hospice has been a great experience for us. We are proud to have been a part of their journey from the beginning and helped them establish a strong brand presence. We continue to work with them to monitor their growth and provide ongoing support for all their marketing efforts. Our partnership with Marina Hospice is a testament to our commitment to helping businesses grow and succeed.

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