Case Study

Elegant Living

At Interval Digital Marketing Agency, we believe in the power of synergy. We’re proud to spotlight our partnership with one of our flagship clients, Elegant Living – a premier online and offline retailer specializing in luxury home accessories and furniture.


Industry: Luxury Furniture & Home Accessories
Date: September 2021

The blend of artistry, sophistication, and timeless elegance in every product in Elegant Living’s portfolio inspired us to create an equally refined digital marketing strategy.

About the case

Elegant Living straddles both the digital and physical retail environments, presenting a unique challenge in creating a seamless, unified customer experience. Since 2021, we’ve been tasked with boosting their e-commerce sales while also enhancing their brick-and-mortar store visibility. Our goal was clear: Increase exposure, expand reach, and propel sales on all fronts.

Our Strategy

We believe in comprehensive, integrated solutions. For Elegant Living, we executed a tri-pronged strategy: Social Media Advertising, Google Ads Advertising, and E-mail Marketing. That led to a significant boost in the client’s online and offline sales. The combination of our hands-on approach, dedication, and innovative solutions has not just propelled our client’s business forward but also built a long-lasting partnership between us.

“Working with the Interval team has been a transformative experience for Elegant Living. They’ve understood the essence of our brand and created a digital marketing strategy that truly reflects our vision.”

Gergana Malkodanska

CEO, Elegant Living

Social Media Advertising

We identified the perfect demographic match for the Elegant Living brand and designed highly-targeted ads for this audience on various social media platforms. With carefully chosen visual cues and compelling copy, we created an engaging online presence that resonates with their luxurious brand ethos.

E-mail Marketing

We designed sophisticated email marketing campaigns to showcase the latest additions to their collection. These personalized emails not only kept existing customers informed but also enticed their new clientele by presenting an exclusive look into their showroom and online store.

Google Ads Advertising

We dug into the nuances of their business to identify the most accurate keywords that encapsulate the brand’s essence. By leveraging Google’s powerful advertising platform, we ensured that Elegant Living was the first name to pop up when customers searched for luxury home accessories and furniture.

The Impact

The results of our partnership with Elegant Living are a testament to the power of a tailored digital marketing strategy. We boosted their e-commerce sales significantly and helped expand their customer base, while simultaneously enhancing their physical store’s visibility.

Elegant Living’s success story is one of many that demonstrate Interval’s unwavering commitment to creating impactful, result-driven digital strategies. We’re thrilled to have been a part of their journey and look forward to crafting more success stories together. For us, every client’s success is our success.

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