Case Study

Amber Beauty Club

Since 2019, our team at Interval has been working with Amber Beauty Club to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that helped them grow their business and establish a strong online presence.


Industry: Beauty Services
Date: June 2019

Amber Beauty Club is a beauty clinic that offers a range of beauty treatments and services to clients.

The case

The primary challenge was to differentiate Amber Beauty Club from its competitors in the overcrowded market. The beauty industry is highly competitive, and it can be challenging to stand out. Our team had to create a strategy that would not only help Amber Beauty Club attract new customers but also retain existing ones.

The Challenge

Before partnering with Interval, Amber Beauty Club faced several challenges in effectively managing their online presence and marketing activities. They struggled to reach their target audience, lacked a cohesive marketing strategy, and struggled to retain their customer base. They recognized the need for professional assistance to overcome these hurdles and turned to Interval for help.

“At Amber Beauty Club, Interval has become our trusted external marketing partner. We have seamlessly aligned and achieved remarkable synergy and efficiency. “

Greta Zheleva

Manager, Amber Beauty Club


Interval provides a comprehensive range of services to address Amber Beauty Club’s marketing needs. These deliverables include:

Social Media Management:

Interval took charge of Amber Beauty Club’s social media platforms, managing their profiles, creating engaging content, and ensuring consistent brand messaging. We utilized various social media channels to connect with potential customers and promote the brand’s services.

Social Media Advertising:

We developed targeted social media advertising campaigns to reach a wider audience and attract new customers. We leveraged data-driven strategies to optimize ad performance and maximize return on investment for Amber Beauty Club.

Google Ads Advertising:

To further enhance Amber Beauty Club’s online visibility, Interval implemented Google Ads advertising campaigns. We utilized search and display ads to capture the attention of potential customers actively searching for beauty services.

Email Marketing:

At Interval, we developed targeted e-mail marketing campaigns to nurture customer relationships, promote new services, and offer exclusive discounts. We utilized effective segmentation and personalization techniques to deliver relevant content to each recipient.

Content Marketing:

We created compelling and informative content for Amber Beauty Club’s website, blog, and social media platforms. This content aimed to educate and engage the audience while showcasing the expertise and unique offerings of Amber Beauty Club.

Marketing Strategy:

Interval collaborated closely with Amber Beauty Club to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy aligned with their business goals. We provided strategic guidance, conducted market research, and identified opportunities for growth.

The Conclusion

The partnership with Amber Beauty Club has proven to be a successful collaboration in elevating the client’s online presence and sales efforts. Our comprehensive range of services has contributed to significant improvements in customer acquisition, retention, and brand value. Amber Beauty Club continues to rely on Interval as their trusted marketing partner, enabling them to thrive in the competitive beauty services industry

The Results

Amber Beauty Club experienced significant improvements in their online presence and sales performance after partnering with us


Customer aquisition

Through targeted social media advertising and Google Ads campaigns, we attract a larger customer base.


    improved brand value

    Using tailor-made digital marketing strategies and a holistic approach in the overall journey has led to clients’ satisfaction.


      turnover growth

      We allowed the client to focus on core business operations while benefiting from Interval’s expertise and dedicated support.


        customer retention

        With personalized e-mail marketing and loyalty programs, we enhance customer loyalty and encourage repeat business.

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