What are some of the social media trends for 2022?

December 31, 2021

Another year is about to pass. And while people are still opening their Christmas gifts, we at the marketing agencies are planning meetings with clients to discuss strategies and are exploring useful trends that will be hot in 2022. In this article, we have summarised the best ones for you. A huge help in our research has been reporting on global trends by Hootsuite, Social media examiner, CMS Wire, and the Influencer marketing hub.

Trend #1: Influencers will help brands build communities 

Influencer marketing is not something new. However, it was more directed to increasing sales rather than creating communities. People are getting tired of seeing someone famous to try to convince them to buy something they don’t need. We foresee that one of the big trends of 2022 will be the joint work between marketers and influencers in creating communities around the brand with people that share the same values and vision. 

Trend #2: Content will be king again

Yes, it is true that people have shorter attention spans and are reading less as each year goes by. However, this makes written content even more important. You need to share compelling and engaging messages with your audience using fewer words. This requires a lot of skill and the development of the right copy for your brand. 

Good copywriting is just part of the bigger formula for content marketing. The main thing about a great content marketing strategy is the diversification of content formats and using them to achieve different goals. Brands should create audio and video content in different formats and distribute it via different channels. And not only that. 

The option for creating and distributing good content is a lot: 

  • blogs;
  • vlogs and videos;
  • podcasts and audiobooks;
  • ebooks and infographics; 
  • different forms of visuals; 
  • email and newsletters;
  • presentations; 
  • expert article and white papers;
  • reports;
  • free courses and training and many more. 

You need to find the rind formula that fits the needs and goals of your brand. 

Trend #3: Ads that don’t feel like ads

Consumers are tired of seeing the same old ideas, same old CTAs, same old visuals. The brands that risk it with their ads will have better chances than the ones that don’t. Ads in 2022 have to give some added value, not just be another brick in the wall of sponsored content people see. This can be done with the implementation of more creative concepts – ads that don’t feel like commercial material are the thing that will encourage people to trust the brand. 

Trend #4: Social media customer care becomes vital

Users are interacting with big brands more and more on social media. Yes, phone and e-mail remain a vital part of customer service. However, if brands underlook the customer care experience they offer on social media, they are going to be in big trouble. Communicating with customers on social networks is not about only chatting – you have to answer reviews or some status where an unhappy person has tagged your brand. Do not underestimate this – your brand might suffer a lot of reputational damage if you do. 

Users on social media expect brands to have an immediate and adequate reaction to their questions and needs. For them, social media is a channel for direct connection and interaction with a brand or business and their expectations are quite high. 

Trend #5: Nostalgia will work like a charm

The final trend in our short overview is nostalgia marketing. This will again bring benefits to the brands that know how to use it right. People are nostalgic and care about the past. The best thing is that it can be used by brands in almost any industry: 

  • If you are a sports club issue limited edition shirts from several years ago; 
  • If you are a diner, have a retro evening night. 

There are a lot of great ideas out there. When you sit down to figure out your marketing strategy for next year just make sure to stay true to your brand and follow the trends. If you need some help in that area, feel free to contact us

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