Marketing ideas worth visiting in November

November 5, 2020

With November just at our doorsteps we need to up our game and squeeze the last drops of creativity out of us, so that we accomplish our business goals for the third quarter and wrap up the year with a celebration of our success. However, if you are something like us, sometimes it can be extremely hard to figure out what you should dedicate your content to, especially if you feel stuck or if you’ve got a bad case of the writer’s block. Don’t get too worried about it, though, because being clueless as to what you should talk about on your social channels or on your blog platform is a completely normal occurrence, which happens to all of us. So, we’ve come up with the idea to give you some suggestions on the most appropriate November topics, which you could talk about when you feel like your mind has gone blank.2

Disclaimer: This text does not contain Black Friday tips and tricks. If you want to learn more about that you can jump over to our blog post Black Friday is near but are you ready?

Why November is Hard To Tackle

Believe it or not, there are months, during which coming up with topics for your content seems as easy as ABC. Unfortunately, there are also other months, during which it feels like the idea flow is practically gone without a trace. It is our belief that November falls in the second category. Think of it that way: November is the month between the Halloweeny, spooky content and the joyful holiday creatives. Therefore, since nothing major is happening during November (except Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend) it’s easy to get lost on words and ideas. Furthermore, with Covid abruptly entering our lives, Brexit being a fact and everything else that has happened this year (good thing 2020 is almost over), we know it’s hard to stay positive, motivated and creative.

Bottom line is: Although it may seem hard to come up with November content topics in 2020, the month is extremely rich on holidays and raises awareness about diverse causes. So buckle up, because we’re ready to let you in on the best marketing ideas, which you could talk about this November.

November Causes Worth Talking About

During the month of November a number of health conditions are being recognized. Amongst them are lung cancer, stomach cancer, pancreatic cancer, gastroesophageal reflux disease, diabetes and more. Therefore, during this month you’re given the chance to show your brand’s compassion and empathy to those suffering from these conditions, as well as to their families and loved ones. The easiest way you can do that is by participating in spreading awareness. Here are our suggestions on marketing activities through which we could achieve that:

  • Take part in a fundraising event dedicated to the cause

You and your team can research what fundraising activities are planned for the cause you chose to support and take part in them. It could be a bake off, a concert or a marathon. If you are not happy with the already existing fundraisers, why not organize one yourself. That way you are not only contributing to the cause financially but also showing that your business and the professionals that are working for you are truly compassionate about it.
Don’t forget to snap some pictures and share news about the event. You could share information about it before it’s held, thus allowing other people to come and take part in it if they want to. You could also come up with a small campaign connected to the event and offer discounts on your products to your customers. Additionally, this gives you the opportunity to further contribute to the cause by donating the difference in the price. So if you decide to give a 10% discount on a product, which costs 100 pounds, for example, you can then donate 10 pounds (which is equal to 10% of the item’s original price) for each sold product during your campaign. Don’t forget to share what amount of money you have raised towards the cause.

  • Share content connected to both your business and the cause

The goal here is to show how your business is influenced by the cause and how it supports it. For example if your industry is healthcare, share the latest research news and discoveries, which talk about the condition. On the other hand, if your field of work is connected to sports, you can talk about how sport can help people suffering from this condition, as well as which specific exercises can be used as means of prevention. If you are an artist, create a themed artwork, which highlights the importance of spreading awareness about this cause. There’s always something, which acts as a bridge between your business and a given cause, you just need to figure out what it is and take action.

  • Be up to date with the traditional activities each cause is associated with

Some awareness campaigns have traditional elements to them. For example, the colour white is the lung cancer awareness month’s colour, so if you wear white clothes during November you are showing your support towards the cause. Another widely popular tradition is connected to Movember (No-shave November), a movement in support of men’s health problems. During the whole month of November thousands of men around the globe stop shaving their moustaches (and beards) to show their support. You and your team can also take part in such initiatives and share pictures of the implementation of some of those activities. Furthermore, you can periodically share visuals (it could be pictures, GIFs or videos) of the progress, For example, with the case of Movember, you can share pictures of the different lengths of beards amongst your colleagues throughout the month.


  • Use the cause’s hashtags

This one is pretty self explanatory, but we thought it was a good idea to mention it. By using themed hashtags and keywords about each cause, you are not only showing your support towards the cause, but also spreading awareness about it even more. So don’t forget to add hashtags to your content.

  • Encourage your employees to talk about their experience in connection to the cause

Unfortunately, all of us have friends or family or someone we know who has battled at least one of the diseases recognized during November. Encouraging your employees to talk about it and share their personal stories connected to those health conditions will help establish credibility and trust towards your brand, because in that way you show authenticity. More people will be able to relate to your employee’s stories and thus to your brand as a whole.

Fun November Holidays to Include in Your Content Marketing Strategy

Aside from all of the causes that are being recognized during the month of November, there are some fun holidays which are worthy of mentioning and can help you enrich your marketing strategy for the month. From “Cookie Monster’s Day” to “Have a Bad Day Day” turns out there’s pretty much a holiday for everything. In fact, if we have to be honest, we were surprised at how many holidays there are during this month and we had a hard time picking the ones that ought to go on our list. However, we’ve carefully selected a list of five celebrations which will undoubtedly help you put smiles on your customers faces. Keep reading if you want to find out which holidays we’re talking about and how you can use them to enhance your online presence this year.

  • 4th November: International Stress Awareness Day

The International Stress Management Association established this day with the goal of providing information about stress as well as giving advice on how to address it amongst both – companies and individuals. On this day you can organize stress-relieving activities for your employees and encourage them to share their experience on social media. Prepare a special self-care blog article or stream a live video on Facebook, YouTube or Instagram, in which you explain why it’s important to effectively manage stress levels at home and in the office. Businesses that work in industries connected to self-care or mental health, could prepare a campaign tied to the special occasion and their products. If you work in a similar niche you could offer discounts on products that are believed to relieve stress such as squishy toys, fidget spinners, or even aromatherapy cosmetics and scented candles.

  • 7th November: International Merlot Day

That’s a holiday which will be especially useful to those in the food & drinks industry. The International Merlot Day can be of help to your marketing strategy, especially if you fix yourself a glass before you start brainstorming ideas. In fact, maybe it was a good idea to start our list with this one, now that we gave it a thought. You can honor the drink of the gods by executing a campaign during which your customers get a free bottle of Merlot with every purchase they make. If you are worried about budgeting, you can establish a minimum amount of money for each purchase. So the deal can only be valid if a customer purchases goods that cost more than 50 pounds, for example. Furthermore, as it falls on a Saturday in 2020 you can organize a team building merlot drinking event and spend some quality time with your employees. Although Covid is around and you may want to stick to online events for a while, no one says you can’t raise a toast over the internet. Plus, a little wine is not going to hurt anyone.


  • 13th November: World Kindness Day

On this day over 28 nations spread awareness about the importance of being kind to each other every year. There are some ways in which your business could also honor the World Kindness Day. For example, you can create a giveaway competition on your social media accounts and ask people to upload videos or pictures of them being kind to someone else, or to invite them to simply share an occasion when they’ve done a good deed. Then you could offer one of your products as a prize for the person, who’s done the most impressive kind gesture. You can measure the results based on other social media users’ reactions to the videos, pictures or comments of your clients. Through this giveaway you are sure to attract attention to your brand. Plus, in that way you show that your business is promoting kindness and supporting the cause.

  • 15th November: International Games Day

Although people on the internet are arguing when exactly is the International Games Day celebrated (19th, 21st or the 15th of November), we can agree on the fact that playing games, no matter the type, is an extremely fun activity. Therefore, we encourage you to honor this day by exciting your clients with entertaining content, which involves games or gaming. For example, you could create an ad or a post, which has a hidden message somewhere between the lines, and challenge your customers to figure out what it says. Furthermore, the secret note could contain a discount code, which will add value for your customers and will help you track how many people actually managed to find it.

  • 18th November: Guinness World Records Day

This is the day on which you can proudly share your business’s achievements and records with your customers via the communications channels of your company. Don’t be afraid to give yourself a tap on the back for the projects that you’ve accomplished. That way you’ll spread awareness about the brand and if you’re original enough with your copies, you are sure to fire up your customers’ imagination. Additionally, if you are up for a challenge, you can organize an event in which you, your employees or your products set a record of some sort. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be Book-of-Guinness-World-Records-worthy, it can be something that your company has never participated in and therefore to be seen as a record on a company level.

Although those are just a small portion of all holidays and themed days during November, we hope we were able to spark your creativity and give you some useful ideas for your business’s marketing strategy this month. It is safe to say that keeping track of such special occasions, occurring during each month will help you come up with ideas about your marketing strategy. However, it’s also important to keep track of the status quo and the latest news connected both to the society, in which your business operates and to the niche or industry that your business is focused on. In 2020 one of the biggest problems that almost (if not) all spheres of life are being affected by is the Covid pandemic.

Marketing In The Time Of Covid – November Edition

On the one hand, economies around the world are suffering as a result of Covid consequences. On the other hand, humankind is taking a huge step into the digital world and businesses are upping their online presence. To be online is not a choice anymore, it is simply a necessity. Therefore, digital marketing has become more important than ever in those times of transition between real life interactions and mass online shopping. Furthermore, with so many businesses going online for the first time, the competition both for skilled marketing professionals and in between companies becomes much more noticeable.

According to, 63% of marketers report that marketing has become more important during COVID-19 and we totally agree with them. In order to stay on top of your competitors (which, as we already mentioned, are becoming more active when it comes to digital marketing) you need to offer fresh, attention-grabbing content to your customers and engage with them on as many communication platforms as your business allows.

Furthermore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that many people changed their daily routines, so that they can stay safe during the pandemic. Probably a lot of your customers have concerns about the Covid-safety of your products and your services. The good news is, that you can use this knowledge (or rather suggestion) and create a dedicated campaign deriving from it. You could incorporate educational videos on why your product is safe, going through each feature and explaining what measures have been taken in order to Covid-proof it. Moreover, rather than guessing what your customers might be cautious about, you can ask them directly through social media or email marketing. Encouraging them to share their concerns and later on elevating those via a series of posts (for example) will not only show them that they are valued, but will also increase the number of your potential leads.

In order to keep a good brand-customer relationship, you need to be empathetic towards the problems of your clients. Think about implementing support mechanisms for them. Take as an example how Ford are playing their role in helping societies get through tough moments. They are supporting consumers facing financial hardships through the Ford Credit payment relief program. We hope to see more companies following their example.

Last, but not least, you need to understand that Covid is boring! It forces people to barricade into their homes and bury their heads in the TV, or the tablet, or the laptop, or the smartphone, you name it. This, however, might not be as bad as it sounds, especially when it comes to the power of marketing. Yeah, sure, there is a lot of competition particularly now as the pandemic has already driven businesses online, but you can still find ways to make yourself stand out.
You need to find a way to keep your customers engaged and positive. You can cure their boredom by figuring out how you can make them feel united and bring them together while they are actually safely inside their homes. You can organize online events, encourage conversations and discussions on your social media profiles or stream live videos and communicate with your customers through them.

Overall, it’s important to stay in touch with your clients, especially during such uncertain times as Covid proposes. It’s important to try and brighten their mood by regularly engaging them in fun reads, visuals and activities. Keep track of what your competitors are doing and stay on top of the latest news, connected to Covid and your business’s niche. Stay empathetic at all times, and provide support and help to those who need it.

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If you are still uncertain of what to include in your marketing strategy this month, Interval will be glad to help you out. Our services cover all steps of executing marketing campaigns – from planning, through implementation, to analyzing.

Whether you need to stay on top of your competitors on social media, you want to promote your business via digital ads, you need to rethink your brand’s identity or climb higher in ranking when it comes to your search engine optimization and improve your content or email marketing. We can help you with any or all of those tasks, simply get in touch with us.

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