10 Valentine’s Day content ideas your business can benefit from

February 4, 2021

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Creating a content marketing campaign for Valentine’s Day is pretty much a must around this time of the year. Once the holiday period is over and we’ve joyfully welcomed the new year, Valentine’s is the biggest holiday, which requires marketers’ attention

There is a simple reason for that – love rules the world and (feel free to hum along) all you need is love. So because love has immense power over people’s decision-making process, it’s only normal to assume that couples (and not only) are willing to give up an arm and a leg to put smiles on each other’s faces. Therefore, we’ve come up with some Valentine’s day promotion ideas, which can help boost your business during the love fest.

Create a Gift Guide

One of the struggles of today’s world is the fact that many couples don’t have the time to sit down and figure out what they should do or buy to surprise their loved one on Valentine’s. Furthermore, many people find it hard to come up with creative ideas about presents and a big part of the consumers believe their loved one already has everything they need, so they often end up buying simply chocolates or flowers. Therefore, it’s a good idea to create a gift guide, which proposes different present ideas, appropriate for St. Valentine’s Day. If the products or services offered by your company are suitable for the occasion, why not include them as a gift idea in your guide? Additionally, depending on your audience’s interests and demographics, you can play with the structure of your content and include multiple categories, such as gifts for her, gifts for him, gifts for your friends or family, gifts under 25GBP, gifts for cat lovers, gifts for gamers, you got the idea.

Offer Irresistible 2-for-1 Deals

Although Valentine’s day is about showing love not only to one’s spouse but also to friends, family, and other meaningful connections you may have, we have to honestly admit that couples are the ones who steal the show when it comes to this specific holiday. That is why it’s a good idea to offer 2-for-1 deals during your campaign. Try to connect your copy to the holiday and create excitement around your “buy one, get one for free” promotion. If your business allows it, you can even tie it to a date-night-centered event. For example, if you work in the entertainment industry, you can offer two tickets for a concert (on the price of one), or if you work in the food and drink industry, you might prepare a special dinner voucher, which allows for a predetermined menu for two. All you have to do is get creative and spend some time thinking of how you can offer an attractive deal for couples, which is appropriate for your business type and the industry it operates in.

Include Email Marketing & Push Notifications in Your Campaign

We cannot fail to include email marketing in our Valentine’s day promotion ideas list. As you may know, emails have a special charm to them and can be a very powerful conversion tool. Furthermore, by executing email campaigns for specific holidays you can build on the already existing customer anticipation. Think of creative designs and copies, which tie both to Valentine’s day and to your business and the products you offer. Read more on how to write an email that works. Alternatively, you can dedicate the email to your customers and celebrate your company’s appreciation and love directed towards them. If your business has a mobile app, you may even think of a catchy push notification, which will further emphasize the special occasion and build awareness about your brand.

Make Your Social Media Lovely

Another digital marketing tool, which we advise you to use this Valentine’s day is social media. Make sure to add a pinch of love to your company’s feeds, to create that special vibe. You can add some pretty holiday elements to your profile picture and you can change your cover image so that it’s also festive. However, you need to make sure that your Valentine’s designs fit your brand’s style and are consistent with the other content created for this specific campaign. Additionally, you may want to think about an interesting posting schedule (different than the one you usually use) and tie your content topics to the Lovers Day. Figure out what will attract your audience’s attention in connection to February 14th (hint: this will depend on your audience’s demographics and interests). Don’t forget to share information about any special deals, promoted by this campaign.

Encourage User-generated Content

Speaking about social media, another great way, in which you can boost customers’ awareness about your brand and ultimately attract more clients is the so-called user-generated content. One of the best Valentine’s business ideas is to prompt your audience to tell you about their love stories. Those may be connected to their personal life and how they met their soulmate, to your business, and why they love your work or to both at the same time. You can ask your audience if your products or services were a part of their special moment. For example, a given couple could have met while they were waiting in a line in your physical shop, or while they were enjoying a service of yours together (such as a sightseeing tour, which your company guided). Spend some time to think of original ways, in which you can ask your customers to share this information with you and in that way to make you a part of their intimate world.

Organize a Giveaway

To motivate your audience to be more active when it comes to engaging and interacting with your brand, you may want to consider running Valentine’s day giveaway. Offer a meaningful prize, which will add value to your customers when it comes to the upcoming holiday. Furthermore, don’t forget that you must always consider your business and its goals when thinking about your campaign and the giveaway. For example, you may ask your customers to provide an answer to the question “Which of our products do you love the most and why?” or “Which of our services would you like to order for a loved one and why?” to enter the giveaway. This will be useful to your business, not only because it will further boost the awareness of your audience about your brand, but also because you can use the information to improve your services or focus your efforts on selling and advertising the products, which your clients love the most.

Create Blog Posts Connected to Valentine’s Day

A great content marketing idea for February 14th is to write a blog post, which promotes your products in the light of the Lovers Day. As with any copywriting activity, you should think of an enticing story and present it to your audience in an attractive manner. What’s different here, however, is the fact that you should incorporate your products or services in the story. For example, you can write a blog post about the perfect date night and tie each of the activities, mentioned in the content, to an appropriate product or service. If you offer kitchen utensils and equipment, you can narrate the reader through cooking a lovely Valentine’s dinner by using your products. In that way, you will still be giving ideas to your followers and customers on how they might want to spend this special night and you’re explaining how your business could enhance their experience.

Think About The Single Souls Out There

As we already mentioned, Valentine’s is not just about couples. Keep in mind that a portion of your customers and followers are single and don’t have a special someone with whom they might want to spend the holiday. Therefore, it’s important to generate some content directed mainly at singles. The best way, in which you can do that is by segmenting your audience based on their relationship status and communicating different messages to each segment. Your content could be connected to expressing one’s love towards a family member, a friend, and even a pet. Or if you feel brave enough, you might come up with a campaign about boycotting Valentine’s and provide content, which praises self-love. This could be a guide for a skincare routine or a step-by-step explanation on how to organize a special night out just for yourself. Again, creativity is your friend here.

Partner Up With Other Businesses or Influencers

If you think your business cannot be connected to this specific holiday in any way, then maybe it’s a good idea to consider partnering up with another company or an influencer. Think of businesses and influencers, which would be appropriate for that purpose. For example, if you sell alcohol, you can partner up with a brand, offering chocolates or roasted nuts. In that way, you can offer something special to your customers, which not only connects to the holiday but also feels exclusive (and will most probably be).

Show Love By Supporting a Charity Organisation

Last, but not least, you can spread some love by supporting a charity organization. Valentine’s day is the perfect occasion for that. Think of a good cause, which you find appropriate for this specific holiday (for example, an organization, which supports couples that cannot have children) or simply choose the cause, which you believe in. You can donate a certain percentage of each sold item during your campaign. Additionally, you can write a blog post or a post on your social media channels, in which you explain why this cause matters to you and why you think it’s important for people to acknowledge it.

So, those were our suggestions for Valentine’s day content marketing ideas. Don’t be afraid to experiment and see which of them will work for you. You just need to keep in mind that all of your efforts should be consistent on each of the communication platforms, used by your business. If you need some help with your Valentine’s day marketing campaign or the marketing strategy of your business as a whole, don’t hesitate to contact us. Interval is always ready to help. Contact us now for a free consultation.[/vc_column_text][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner column_width_percent=”100″ align_horizontal=”align_center” gutter_size=”3″ overlay_alpha=”50″ shift_x=”0″ shift_y=”0″ shift_y_down=”0″ z_index=”0″ medium_width=”0″ mobile_width=”0″ width=”1/1″][vc_button button_color=”accent” border_animation=”btn-ripple-out” border_width=”0″ link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Finterval.bg%2Fen%2Fcontact-us%2F|title:Get%20in%20touch!||” icon=”fa fa-envelope2″]Get in touch![/vc_button][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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