Top 5 ways to increase brand loyalty

December 22, 2022

Increasing brand loyalty is crucial for any company, but it is hard to achieve it, especially today when the Internet is overflowing with information.

Many business owners wonder why some brands thrive and others fail regardless of how great their products or services are. They wonder what kind of magic attracts customers to certain brands but won’t purchase from others.

The truth is that there’s no magic wand to turn your business into a success overnight, but certain tactics influence business growth and can attract more customers exponentially. 

One such strategic tool is brand loyalty. It refers to customers purchasing goods or services from a particular brand instead of going to their competitors. Businesses need a set of strategies that will help them increase retention rates and thrive in their industry. 

How to Increase Brand Loyalty?

Brand loyalty is a term that refers to having customers who love your services and products and express it as a devotion to your brand. In short, they would repeatedly choose to purchase from you rather than your competition over months or years. Brand loyalty is one of the most important aspects of any business development. Companies with high scores in brand loyalty can get to the top of their industry 2.5 faster than their competitors, and the Harvard Business Review Study numbers show that. Here we will look at some of the most important factors that boost brand loyalty and statistics that back them up.

Quality and Price

We find services or product quality directly linked to customer satisfaction. According to studies online, one of the most significant factors for increasing customer loyalty is the quality of your offering. By tailoring a product or service with the utmost attention to detail and excellent quality, you will be incomparable to your competitors. Your customers will remember your brand and their experience with it, which will lead to higher retention rates. It is without a doubt that quality is the most significant factor that makes customers loyal to a product or a service. Аs statistics show, that factor most influences 74% of consumers.

Value for money is the second most significant factor, which is why pricing is crucial when it comes to brand loyalty. It is estimated that 66% of consumers are influenced by it. According to a recent survey, 62% of global customers list prices as an important factor.

People who need what you offer will likely know what your competitors charge for similar products or services. Some may choose other brands over yours if your prices are too steep. That’s why offering competitive prices will increase customer retention and boost brand loyalty.

Building Connections With Customers

Connecting with customers and interacting with them is crucial for any business. In this case, there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach and you’d need to make it personal. Showing customers that you value and appreciate them is part of the customer nurturing process. Talking to your customers regularly and being active on social media are critical components to increasing customer retention. Your clients are the driving force of your business, so it is vital to give them proper interaction and to make them feel unique and valued. 

Remember that 80% of customers say they will only return if they have a good customer experience. If people are happy with your products, services, and the entire customer journey, it is more likely that they will come back and purchase again.

Loyalty Program Rewards

Loyalty programs and rewards are among the most successful customer retention strategies because you give people an actual reason to stay and buy from you again. That is one of the most practical and fast ways to keep people buying from you. If you want your existing customers to avoid going and seeking similar offerings from your competitors, you need to reward them for staying loyal to you. In this case, you don’t only give them what they need, but you present it to them with a discount or reward points with every new purchase. According to Harvard Business Review, reward programs are so powerful that they can accelerate the brand loyalty life cycle to the point where first or second-year customers can behave like the company’s most profitable tenth-year customers

Creative Marketing 

Creative marketing encompasses all of the original marketing solutions and strategies that can increase customer retention. These strategies include creating engaging and valuable content. Give your customers value by teaching them why they need your products or services.

Now, more than ever, customers want to be a part of something bigger and feel like they contribute to a joint mission or goal. That’s why building a community is an essential part of your creative approach to boosting retention rates. Implementing an all-encompassing and creative marketing strategy will help your brand stand out and build long-term customer loyalty. According to statistics, 66% of community members say that communities have made an impact on brand loyalty.

Strong Ethics 

It is well-known that brands with strong ethics retain customers. People will likely purchase from you if they see you have ethical values. 

Strong ethics also encompasses a vast spectrum of qualities your business must have to stand out. It includes great customer satisfaction, top financial performance, excellent quality of products and services, transparency, empathic staff, eagerness to help clients, honesty, accountability, handling complaints with respect and dignity, and resolving issues with customer satisfaction in mind. Show that you are brand stands for something. It can be an environmental cause or something else you strongly believe in. Communicate that to your customers. According to Futerra’s survey, 88% of customers want brands to help them make a difference in the world

In a previous article, we explained the power of Empathy marketing – a concept that helps you understand the unique needs of your customers by putting yourself in their shoes. It is a powerful way to boost your retention rates. Here, we have selected other top five factors that increase brand loyalty.

Bonus Secret Ingredient To Increase Brand Loyalty 

Every business strives for more customers and builds a community around its brand to boost purchases exponentially. But what is another thing that makes successful brands stand out from the crowd? What makes them so confident and so trustworthy? We have found the answer to that question.

The secret ingredient is love. You may have heard of the popular phrase that to receive love externally, you must find love internally. It means to love yourself first if you want to find love outside. Following that line of thought, you need to love what you do and what you offer and show that to the world if you want others to love it too. By doing what you do with passion and loving your products or services, you will show that to the world. Some brands like Tesla openly share this philosophy and stand out because they shine bright with their authenticity.


We can help you find your voice and share what you love with your audience. We bring brands to people and exponentially increase retention. Our digital marketing experts will work tirelessly to tailor the most creative marketing solutions and strategies to boost your brand loyalty.

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