The marketing impact of nano-influencers: how and why can they benefit your business?

June 21, 2024

In the dynamic realm of digital marketing, staying ahead of the emerging trends is essential for the brands that aim to capture the attention and loyalty of their target audience. Among the myriad of strategies, nano-influencer marketing has surfaced as a remarkably effective approach, especially in 2024.

This article delves into the profound impact of nano-influencers on modern marketing, exploring their distinct characteristics, the ways they can enhance your marketing efforts, and how we at Interval successfully integrate them into our strategies.

So, read on to discover how nano-influencers can become a pivotal element in your business’s marketing arsenal.

What are nano-influencers and why can they exert a significant impact on your business?

Nano-influencers are social media users who typically have between 1,000 and 10,000 followers. While their audiences are smaller compared to macro- or mega-influencers, the impact they wield is disproportionately large due to their highly engaged and loyal follower base.

How do nano-influencers exert their impact on businesses?

1. Authenticity and Trust

Nano-influencers are often seen as more relatable and trustworthy because they are perceived as genuine individuals rather than distant celebrities. This fosters a deeper sense of trust and credibility.

2. Higher Engagement Rates

According to studies, nano-influencers achieve significantly higher engagement rates. Their posts generate more likes, comments, and shares. Thus, your brand message resonates more profoundly with the audience.

3. Cost-Effective Collaborations

Partnering with nano-influencers is more affordable. This allows brands to maximise their marketing budget and enables businesses to collaborate with multiple nano-influencers simultaneously.

4. Niche Targeting

Nano-influencers often cater to specific niches. Thus, brands can precisely target their ideal audience, and their marketing efforts reach the consumers who are most likely to be interested in their products or services.

Before GDPR was accepted in the EU, we were able to create highly personalised ads on social media using specific interests based on our customer personas. The ads were thriving and it was really easy to find people with high incomes who were interested in speed boats and were speaking Spanish, for example. Nowadays, it is harder than ever to reach your exact audience via ads on Facebook and Instagram due to the constant removal of various targeting interests on the Meta platform.

That is why at Interval, we recognise the profound potential of nano-influencers and leverage their unique strengths to drive impactful and authentic marketing campaigns. By integrating nano-influencers into our strategies, we help brands build genuine connections with their target audiences, enhancing both their visibility and loyalty.

Unique characteristics of nano-influencers

Nano-influencers possess a range of unique characteristics that set them apart from larger influencers.

Below, we have summarised these features for you, so stick around and keep on reading, if you are curious to discover them.

1. Relatability and Approachability, Authentic Engagement and Niche Expertise

Nano-influencers are often everyday individuals who share their personal experiences and opinions. This relatability fosters a sense of community and connection that larger influencers may struggle to achieve.

Additionally, their engagement rate is notably higher compared to the macro-influencers. They interact personally with their followers, respond to their comments and messages, and thus create a two-way communication channel that builds a deeper relationship.

Besides that, their deep knowledge and passion for their niche enable them to create content that resonates strongly with their audience.

2. Grassroots Influence

The influence of nano-influencers often feels more organic and grassroots. Their recommendations are perceived as genuine endorsements rather than paid promotions, which enhances the authenticity of their influence and the likelihood of their followers acting on their recommendations.

3. Cost-Effective Collaborations

Collaborating with nano-influencers is more budget-friendly and accessible for brands of all sizes. Often, this group of people would even agree to work on barter conditions. What do we mean? For one of our clients, which owns a beauty and aesthetic center, we negotiated with several nano-influencers to give them free procedures in exchange for sharing stories and reels on their Instagram profiles. This affordability allowed us to work with multiple nano-influencers simultaneously, thereby expanding the reach of our client without a significant increase in marketing spend.

4. Localised Reach

Nano-influencers often have a strong local presence, which can drive community-based engagement and foster a loyal customer base within a targeted region.

5. Flexibility and Creativity

Nano-influencers are often more open to creative and unique collaboration ideas, allowing brands to experiment with different content formats and campaign concepts.

6. Real-Time Feedback and Insights

Nano-influencers are extremely important for us and for our clients because they maintain close interactions with their followers, providing us with real-time feedback and insights. Thus, we can adjust our marketing strategies, improve our product offerings, and understand our customers’ preferences better.

How do we do tailored campaigns for diverse clients?

At Interval, we have successfully executed numerous nano-influencer campaigns across various industries. When one of our clients – 111SKIN – entered the Bulgarian market in 2022, we had to develop a full-service marketing strategy. It included not only strategic planning, social media management and social media advertising, but also influencer marketing. It was extremely important to collaborate with beauty experts, bloggers, and nano-influencers at the beginning of 111SKIN’s journey on the local market. We approached this by selecting a list of nano-influencers first. Then, we contacted each one with a personalised email asking them if they wanted to try 111SKIN’s cosmetics. After the positive outcome from the emails, we started creating customised PR boxes with a thank you note. The nano-influencers were really happy to receive the packages and genuinely shared their experience on social media, without even asking them to do so. Win-win.  

Another example that we briefly mentioned above is when we negotiated with nano-influencers to work on barter conditions. At that time, another client of ours operating in the beauty and aesthetics industry had developed a postpartum program. The goal was to reach women who had just given birth and wanted to quickly get back in shape and avoid all the consequences that come from this special moment – both physical and psychological. In order to promote it effectively and make it highly targeted, we proposed to work with nano-influencers. We did some research and found local mommy bloggers. We talked to them and explained to them what the program was all about, and what we wanted to achieve with it. In exchange for their valuable opinion and social media posts, we offered them to try the procedures that were included for free. After the campaign was over, we found out that not only did the customer receive new inquiries about the program, but this also brought new followers to Instagram. Would we do it again? Definitely, yes. 

How at Interval we leverage nano-influencers effectively into our marketing strategies

At Interval, we understand the transformative potential of nano-influencers and strategically incorporate them into our marketing strategies to maximise our clients’ impact and reach. Here is how we do it:

1. Identifying the right nano-influencers

We begin by meticulously identifying nano-influencers who align with our clients’ brand values and target audience. This involves thorough research to ensure that the influencers have a genuine and engaged following that matches the client’s demographic and psychographic profiles, as well as the location. For measuring the engagement rate we use: – it gives us plenty of useful data to include in our analysis in order to make an informed decision at the end.

2. Fostering authentic relationships

Building authentic relationships with nano-influencers is a cornerstone of our approach. We engage with them on a personal level, understanding their interests and motivations, and ensuring that collaborations feel natural and mutually beneficial. This authenticity translates into more genuine and compelling content.

3. Crafting tailored campaigns

Each campaign is uniquely tailored to leverage the strengths of the selected nano-influencers. We work closely with them to co-create content that resonates with their audience while staying true to the brand’s message. This collaboration often includes brainstorming sessions, content planning, and providing creative freedom to the influencers.

4. Utilising diverse content formats

To maximise engagement, we encourage nano-influencers to utilise a variety of content formats such as Instagram stories and reels, TikTok videos, carousels, blog posts, and live streams. This multi-platform approach ensures a broader reach and caters to different audience preferences.

5. Monitoring and analysing performance

We employ advanced analytics tools to monitor the performance of nano-influencer campaigns in real-time. Key metrics such as engagement rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and audience feedback are meticulously tracked and analysed. Thereby, we can optimise the ongoing campaigns and refine our future strategies.

6. Amplifying content reach

To further amplify the reach of nano-influencer content, we often integrate paid promotions and social media ads. This ensures that high-performing content reaches an even larger audience, enhancing visibility and driving more significant results.

7. Providing continuous support and feedback

Throughout any campaign, we provide continuous support and constructive feedback to the nano-influencers we work with. This includes sharing performance insights and ideas, suggesting content improvements, and celebrating their successes. After all, our goal is to foster long-term partnerships that yield sustainable results.

The Future of Marketing with Nano-Influencers

In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital marketing, nano-influencers are emerging as a powerful force. Their distinct characteristics offer unparalleled advantages for brands looking to connect with their audience in meaningful and impactful ways.

As digital marketing continues to evolve, the role of nano-influencers is set to expand even further. Brands that embrace this trend and integrate nano-influencers into their marketing strategies will be well-positioned to succeed in an increasingly competitive market. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and let us organise your next influencer campaign.

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