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May 10, 2024

Have you checked your email inbox today? So have we. And this habit, shared by billions of people around the world, has turned email into one of the most prominent ways for businesses to engage and expand their existing audiences. But with the rapid development of modern technologies, the future of marketing faces some inevitable shifts and challenges. So, is it still smart to include it in your digital strategy and is there a “right” way to go about it? Read on to find out.

Why email marketing is here to stay?

With over 4 billion daily email users (expected to reach 4.6 billion by 2025) and 77% of marketers reporting an increase in email engagement over the course of the past year, it’s safe to say that email will continue its reign as a successful marketing channel in the near future. Here are some of its key benefits, which distinguish it as a must-have medium according to numerous marketing experts worldwide.

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No algorithm

One of email’s biggest advantages as a marketing channel is the lack of an algorithm which dictates who is going to see the content you share. With people intentionally opting in to receive direct updates from your business, you are no longer dependent on another platform (as is the case with social media marketing, for example) and can therefore strive for more consistent outcomes of your campaigns.


Email provides you with the opportunity to fully customize your content in a way that reflects your brand identity and core values. With multiple content formats at your disposal, you can truly connect with your audience and use targeted messages to accomplish specific business goals. Whether you are looking to follow an exciting trend that fits your brand aesthetic or want to pave the way forward by standing out from the crowd, your email marketing design can make all the difference to the way your content is perceived by online users. Therefore, take the time to build a vision that embodies everything your business stands for and grow your audience by bringing it to life.


Yet another major benefit of email marketing is its affordability. Not only does it provide you with an opportunity to increase loyalty among existing customers, but it also expands your reach and reduces the cost of attracting new clients. If you are just starting out or are operating under a tight budget, email campaigns are among the best resources that can help your business take off.


Just like any other marketing medium, email also requires intentional and calculated efforts in order to bring you substantial results. Regardless of the purpose of your email campaign, tracking KPIs is the best way to improve performance. There are certain metrics (such as open rates or click-through rates) that remain a must for most marketers. However, it is always best to prioritize KPIs depending on their relevance to your business and desired outcomes. If you lack experience in that department, you can’t go wrong with following the MoSCoW framework in determining which metrics you should focus on when tracking your campaign’s performance.

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New technologies redefining email marketing

In recent years, the evolution of AI technologies has inevitably reshaped the laws of traditional email marketing. The implementation of advanced algorithms in processes such as user behavior analysis/prediction or task automation has significantly enhanced campaign efficiency for this medium.

One of the most common applications of AI tools in the field of email marketing is user segmentation. With the assistance of AI algorithms, marketers worldwide can now group users with similar behaviors or characteristics, which allows for the development of much more personalized campaigns designed to strike a chord with each user segment.

AI has also enabled the automation of numerous processes in email marketing – from user list management and email scheduling to generating and providing responses for common user queries. That way, time spent on repetitive tasks gets reduced to a minimum, without compromising campaign efficiency in any way.

Numerous businesses across the globe use AI tools to monitor performance of email marketing strategies that have already been set in motion. As we mentioned earlier, tracking relevant KPIs is essential to obtaining a data-driven approach that will lead you towards your desired outcomes much faster.

The future of email marketing: Useful tools to help you keep up

Integrating AI into your email marketing strategy sounds like a door to a pool of opportunities, but is it an easier-said-than-done type of thing? Not at all. In fact, with the astounding variety of tools available nowadays, taking your email game to the next level has never been more accessible. Here are some of the steps you can take to keep up and the tools to help you with that:

  • Improve brand consistency: While you’re still in the development stages of your email marketing strategy, focus on brand coherence and ensure the messages you are communicating with your audience are consistent with brand guidelines. Phrasee is a great tool to help you conduct a thorough analysis of your brand personality and create compelling content for your audience.
  • Boost open rates: Ensuring emails will not just rust in users’ inboxes is a tricky craft that has been made significantly easier thanks to the invention of tools like SubjectLine and AWeber. Through natural language processing (NLP) algorithms, they can identify user patterns and help you create impactful subject lines that your customers will not be able to resist.
  • Enhance audience engagement: Connecting with your audience is all about relevance and personalisation of content. If crafting unique copy that converts is not your strength, you might want to look into tools such as SmartWriter. By conducting a thorough analysis of your prospects’ digital presence, they create attention-grabbing content which can boost not only user engagement, but also conversion rates for your business.

Whether you’re a fan or not, AI is here to stay and by the looks of it, AI-powered tools will continue to revolutionize numerous industries across the globe. And as any successful marketer knows, resisting change is not a winning strategy. So, if you’re looking to “subscribe” to the new ways of content creation and optimize the efficiency of your marketing efforts, hit us up – we’ll be happy to guide you through the exciting future of the industry and discover the abundance of possibilities it holds together.

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